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To Meet your Corporate Vision

Gift Mart International offers you an exceptionally diverse, state-of-the-art gift range spanning crystal masterpieces, heritage items, personal and executive leather products, watches, pens, and luxurious gift boxes. Our gifts are made up of the best materials, from the purest German raw crystal to the finest masterfully crafted Italian leather, to embellishments of pure gold plating, sterling silver, and intricately molded Poly-resin, in addition to other integrated materials, such as metal with superior thickness.

Our gifts can be customized to reflect clients’ corporate ideas. Over a decade of experience in gifts design, coupled with intimate knowledge of local and regional needs, make our in-house design department your perfect choice, be it for creating gift items from scratch, or for personalizing existing standard gifts. By providing exclusivity, ever-evolving design ideas, and product durability, Gift Mart International offers excellent value for money. Branded tokens of refinement, our corporate gifts render your company unforgettable. More ..

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